Do You Want To Quit Your 9-5?

Some people love the security and routine of their 9-5, while others think that there is just so much more out there for them. They dislike moulding themselves into a corporate shape, and have that spark that tells them to do something different. This is a challenge that more and more people are taking up.

The freedom of being self-employed or starting your own business can be thrilling, but it can also seem like an overwhelming hurdle at times. However, combining the right mindset with a practical approach can really make a difference to achieving your dreams.

First up, take a good objective look at your current job. Is it just the whole situation that you dislike, or just one or two particular elements of it? If you moved sideways into a different role, would you enjoy it more? If it’s mainly the long commute that you dislike, could you discuss the possibility of working from home some or all of the time with your boss?

It can help to visualise your goals, to clarify your dreams and hopes into a more achievable and specific course of action. Think of how you would like your life to look in three- or six-months time. Spend some time refining and adjusting your ideas each day, so that you have really got a clear idea of your goals.

For example, if at first you wrote down ‘I want to be self-employed’, narrow it down to all the possible forms this could take. It doesn’t have to be following your heart’s fiercest passion, but it should be something that you are genuinely interested in. What do you do in your spare time, and would happily do even if you weren’t paid for it?

Think outside the box—there is no need to try and fit yourself into an existing job description. After all, that’s what you are trying to escape! Could you combine two or more of your skills and interests? For example, if you love art, and also enjoy spending time with children, could you offer extra curricula art classes?

Of course, just because you enjoy doing something, it doesn’t mean that you should undersell yourself. Once you have identified your purpose, you should recognise its value and know that your time and skills are worth a fair reward. You don’t have to settle for what you were paid in a 9-5, and remember that you will have extra costs to cover.

If you are not inclined to promote yourself, it can help to write down a pitch to make sure that you get your message across to potential customers. This can be a safety net and a guide that you can use for all your brand messaging, such as the tone of your website and marketing materials, and your approach to online and offline networking.

Finally, to avoid your work becoming all-consuming, it can help to establish some phycological boundaries, whether that’s through mindfulness, regular socialising outside work, or another outside activity.


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