Does This TikTok Manifestation Technique Really Work?

TikTok is buzzing with the latest wellness trends, some of which are genuinely useful, and some of which are slightly dubious to say the least. One trend which has gone viral over the past year is the 369 Manifestation Method, which is a visualisation technique designed to help people achieve their dreams.

The basic premise is fairly simple: you write down your goals three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening. The hashtag “369method” has gathered millions of views on TikTok, so obviously something about it has caught the popular imagination!

Proponents of the technique claim that the numbers three, six, and nine, hold a special significance in the wider scheme of things, and this is why this particular method is so powerful. However, a closer look at the ideas behind the 369 Manifestation Method show that it is basically just a variation on age old meditation techniques.

Since the ancient Eastern cultures first developed, humans have used meditation as a way of rebalancing their emotions, healing physical illnesses and ailments, and calming stress and anxiety. It’s also been used as a way of channelling positive energy through the body, to create a relaxed and open-minded state.

The idea is to cultivate a positive energy and outlook on life, and this will help you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. You might have heard of this concept described as ‘The Law of Attraction’; it’s basically the theory that what you put out into the world, you attract back, whether that’s love, money, or career success.

Another way of putting it might be the phrase ‘you make your own luck’, which probably has a kernel of truth! After all, if you are in a focused, outward looking state of mind, not brooding over the past or dreaming vaguely about the future, you are more likely to respond well to the chances that cross your path.

Some people believe this mental attitude can be achieved through mindfulness meditation, which is about using the breath to create a state of groundedness, and help you focus on the present moment. It can be combined with other techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation, to help let go of any tension and worry in the body and mind.

Visualisation can then be called on to help you engage the senses and fully imagine those goals. For example, if you have a dream job in mind such as a graphic designer, you should picture your creations on billboards across the city, feel the texture of the paper in your hand as you make mood boards, and so on.

The 369 Method has a slightly different take on this, by reinforcing the message through repetition. This narrows your focus and keeps the goals at the forefront of your mind. Of course, in the end, any form of manifestation technique has to be accompanied by action, so be ready to grab all those new opportunities that come your way!


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