3 Rituals For Manifestation In 2022

Whether its summoning good vibes with a rose quartz gemstone or making vision boards, more and more people are discovering they can get what they really desire by strongly envisioning it, and by developing manifestation strategies to breathe life into their wants, needs, and desires.

But with the Internet offering such a wide range of different techniques, advice, and options, such as setting your goals according to your zodiac sign, it can be difficult to pin down the practices that work best for you.

We have a look at three manifestation practices and rituals that will help you achieve your dreams.


Speaking It Into Existence

A strong foundation for manifestation is the power to put things out into the universe. If, for example, you wanted a new job, you can sort manifesting it by speaking aloud I am so excited to be working for Xour similar, and repeat several times a day, and talk to your friends about it as if it had already happened.

Earth Magic

Giving back to the planet can help you visualise your goals, so incorporating earth magic into your manifestation ritual is a win-win situation. It is a slow and steady way to manifest and can be done by buying a plant and taking care of it, imbuing it with your desires and manifestations. Watch how it grows and blooms as you take care of your plant and goals.


Day Dreaming

It is important to visualise what you desire as an important aspect of manifestation. Daydreaming is the ideal exercise to get a clear picture of your desires, after all, you need to know what it is you want before you can make it into reality!

Take time to meditate and be clear on what you want by using all your senses. Ask how your desires feel when they arrive, how they make you feel, and what do they look like? The more tangible your daydreaming, the more you bring your manifestations to life.

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