A Fifth Of Brits Manifesting A Salary Increase In 2022

A study commissioned by online printing firm Instaprint has looked into the views of brits on manifestation, which has revealed that 60 per cent of respondents have been ‘seeking their goals into existence’ this year.

Business Leader reports that 10 per cent strongly believe that they can manifest their goals into reality, and 24 per cent say they ‘somewhat’ believe in the practice due to their belief that positivity and confidence attract success.

Manifestation has become a viral sensation on social media over the last few years, with the hashtag #manifestation currently racking up over 13 billion views on video-sharing platform TikTok.

Meanwhile, Twitter recently launched its ‘Tweet it into existence’ campaign, with billboards of celebrities posts ‘tweeting their goals into existence’ years befog achieving them.

But some Brits are a little more sceptical, with 16 per cent believing that achieving their goals is not related to manifesting or the laws of attraction.

When asked about experience with manifesting, 19 per cent said that they have been using the practice to achieve their personal goals, while 12 per cent said they have used the principles of manifesting to achieve career-related aspirations.

The surety also found that men are bigger believers in manifesting, with 11 per cent saying they strongly rely on the practice, compared to 9 per cent of women.

Health and fitness were voted as the most popular goals for 2022, with 19 per cent stating they will manifest getting themselves into shape or getting fitter over the coming year.

The data suggested that enhancing our careers is high on the agenda for UK employees this year, as 18 per cent of UK adults will manifest a salary raise in 2022.

After two years of travel limitations, we’re ready to get back out and see the world, with 12 per cent of Brits are manifesting that they’ll travel more this year.

The survey revealed that 8 per cent of UK adults haven’t tried manifesting before, but said that they would be interested in doing so.


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