Allowing it all to fall apart

I wanted to share a deeply personal story with you which I think may help should you ever find yourself in a place where it all just seems to be falling apart at the seams


For the past 3 weeks I’ve been in a vortex of INTENSE emotional, physical release and massive breakdowns and breakthroughs


It’s been a rollercoaster ride, and if I’m being totally honest I thought I was losing my mind and my grip on reality


Here’s what actually happened in real time…


  • My body shut down completely, and I was laid up for a week in complete lethargy. I purged A LOT of toxicity from my body
  • I was forced to completely and utterly stop everything, and just go inward, meditating and just being instead of doing
  • I felt strongly called to spend as much time as I possibly could in nature, just walking and being deeply present
  • I had to take a complete break from showing up in my business whilst I was processing all of the insights and guidance that was coming through me
  • I felt a strong desire to just move on from everything, say no to things that no longer serve me or feel good to me, and only do what feels right – not what I’m obliged to do
  • I felt called to remove anything that tethered me to a past identity: relationships, connections and ties
  • My relationship with Gabriel went through complete turmoil and made me question whether we were even going to make it!!!
  • My ego wanted to take back control and to make sense of it. It wanted to panic, freak out and pretend like it was all in my head…. But I just knew, in all of the mess and sheer panic, something incredible was birthing out of me


I don’t know if you can relate to this or not, but have you ever been moved by an unseen force into a decision, an action or a pathway that perhaps you had avoided or were too fearful to jump into before? Like the unseen hand of (dare I say it – God??)


This for me, is what GRACE feels like


Grace is when a higher power takes over, and moves you into a place or a pathway that is for your greatest good – but at the time, it can seem like it’s the exact opposite of where you want to be going


In the midst of the absolute carnage and physical/emotional breakdown… some beautifully aligned decisions have been made, massive clarity has been obtained, and one of our biggest manifestations has come through (more details to follow on that juicy update)


Here’s what I’ve been called to do:


  • Every single day, before I do anything else, tap into my heart centre and ask my soul what it desires today and then do that thing! Without exception
  • Close down my sizeable IG account with 11k+ followers and build a brand-new soul tribe community from zero
  • Create a new personal FB account that will deeply reflect the person I am today, not who I was yesterday
  • I’ve set a date in June to exit the world of Corporate and go full-time in this business. This is my life’s work and soul’s purpose, not a hobby! It’s time to stop hiding
  • I’ve invested in a 12-month Mastermind Intensive with a group of coaches and 7-figure entrepreneurs, which will ensure that I’m in the right company and setting the right strategy for my business
  • I’ve also invested in training and a second mastermind from two epic trailblazing women who lead 7 & 8 figure global businesses, because I like being a small fish in a very big pond!
  • Health comes first – always. I commit to switching off, taking rest and only do what feels good to me from now on. Regardless of what busyness I think I should be involved in to ‘move the needle’


Honestly, right now as I’m writing this, I feel physically battered and bruised, like I’ve gone 10 rounds with Tyson. But I also feel lighter, clearer, and more certain that my success is inevitable than ever before


It’s like the shutters have lifted. Even though my ego self is a little scared at jumping without the safety net, the truer parts of me KNOW that I can’t possibly fail – because I’m leading with my soul


Perhaps even for the first time…


So if you ever feel like life’s falling apart around you, that nothing is going your way, and that you’re having an absolute breakdown, know this:


If you can surrender to it, let go, go inward, tap into your soul and receive the grace that is trying to come through you, incredible, beautiful things are waiting for you on the other side


This is my promise to you


To your incredible success xo


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