How Attachment Creates Resistance

In the law of attraction, having specific expectations and being attached to a certain outcome and timeline, effectively trying to control how it comes to you, creates something called resistance

How Does Resistance Affect the Manifestation Process?

When we are too consumed by how our desires will manifest into our lives, we close off from any and all other possibilities

Possibilities that our higher self and our soul have planned for us, that could be so incredible, our logical minds are unable to comprehend it

This attachment, naturally leads to doubt, fear, procrastination and ultimately disappointment

Attachment Sabotages our Dating Game

This comes up most frequently when we are calling in our Dream Partner and Soulmate, and are active in the dating game

For example, you go on your first date with a potential and it goes really, really well. You then start fantasising about your future together, you get excited and start to move towards them and communicate with them more frequently than they do,

You immediately stop speaking with and dating other people, you emotionally and energetically put all your eggs in one basket….

And then nothing! They start to pull away from you, they don’t communicate as much, they don’t follow up or cancel on that second or third date, when you check-in they make excuses. Sound familiar?

The Energy of Neutrality

The energy of neutrality is a powerful force to leverage in the manifestation process, and particularly when you are calling in ‘the one’

Neutrality is enjoying each and every moment for what it is, it’s letting go of any and all expectations, and it’s trusting that what will be will be!

Neutrality comes naturally when we practice spending more and more of our time in the now moment

The past has gone. The future is not yet created.

Yes, it’s an important step in the manifestation process to have a vision for the future and to imagine/visualise yourself already being/having what you desire.

This has to be caveated with you also being open to any and all possibilities and not focusing on how this will come to you

The how is not your job. This is the job of Source, God, the Universe

The key is to practice visualisation as a process step, periodically and as a modality (meditation, journaling etc…) and to not spend all of your time living in the future

Your power to create exists in the Now moment. Focus being here more of the time, and trust deeply in a higher power to bring you what you desire in perfect timing

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