Become the Master of your Emotions

To quote Tony Robbins, our emotions are simply “Energy in Motion”

All energy and therefore our emotions, are created equal

Lower energy frequencies are designed to anchor us, Higher energy frequencies are designed to expand us

There are no ‘good and bad’ emotions. All must be felt, and all have a unique purpose

Think about it like a Jellyfish, that moves through the water by expanding and contracting it’s body

It’s the actual contraction that causes it to move forward, and it’s the same with our emotions. Lower energy frequencies cause friction, and we need friction (also referred to as ‘contrast’) to know what we want and know what we don’t want in life


Every human experience serves a purpose, and all possible human experiences are needed

The anchoring frequencies of anger, guilt and shame keep us from expanding, and disperse our energies too much. However, once we learn to drop into our bodies and work with these energies we can relieve the need to ever really experience those emotions in the first place. We can anchor ourselves intentionally and before those lower frequencies take over

Our emotions also are our guidance system. It tells us where we are currently, what we need to heal from, what we need to let go of, and where in our body the energy is stuck

We’ve lost touch with our feelings, because in today’s Patriarchal society – we operate from a place of logic instead of feeling

When we start to see our emotions as energies, as efforts to either expand or contract, we won’t then be afraid of sadness or anger. We won’t deflect our shame

We recognise that each of these emotions plays a part in the ever-expanding universe, and acts as an indicator to where our energy is dispersed or fragmented in the body

Our purpose in this life is to fully awaken to consciousness, and these emotions tell us where and what we’ve not yet awoken to

Used correctly, it builds circuitry that enables the flow of energy, keeps us on a higher frequency more of the time, and prevents disease in the body caused by stuck, stagnant and unresolved trauma


How to master your emotions

A Powerful Practice for mastering your emotional guidance system is Emotional Embodiment

We create stories around our emotional trauma’s. We seek to blame ourselves and others, we regret, feel guilt and shame every time we replay the scenario in our minds

This is what keeps the energy stuck, and left unresolved it festers into disease further down the line

A revolutionary practice to resolve this, is to take it into your body. By doing this we interrupt the old pattern of focussing on story and instead focus attention onto the body

It’s an evolutionary shortcut and a total game changer, because it eliminates years of work on the mental and emotional levels by going directly to the source of the issue – the energy!


Here are 4 steps to mastering your emotions:

Step 1 – feel into it:

  • Whenever you have an emotional or charged reaction, immediately as yourself “where?” rather than “why?” – as in where in the body are you feeling the emotion?
  • Turn your attention inwards, and sense and feel where the energy charge is in your body. It could be a pain, a buzz, a tightening, a knot, hot or cold, or vibration

Step 2 – Ask these questions:

  • Where in your body is it? Eg: in your heart, your head, your thighs, your stomach, your solar plexus, arms etc…
  • What does it feel like (important not to judge or explain them), and just sit with it and experience them
  • What energy centre is it closest to? (you may need to Google Chakra System if you are unfamiliar)

Step 3 – Communicate with it

  • Show this cut-off part of your consciousness that you acknowledge it, by internally squeezing the area that you feel the sensation
  • This let’s the body know “I hear you, and my mind is now paying attention to you”

Step 4: Breath into it

  • As you internally squeeze the area, take deep belly breaths, slowly in through the nose for 10 seconds and then out through the mouth for 10 seconds.
  • Draw the breath up and imagine it collecting the stuck energy, and as you breath out it releases it
  • Repeat at least two cycles (drawing energy up, and then expelling energy out)

Emotional embodiment is one of the most powerful practices you can apply to expediate your evolution of consciousness

Instead of wasting time and energy creating stories around the situation and seeking to blame yourself and others, or avoiding it all together, simply find out where it is in your body and work on resolving the issue in the part of your body that’s calling out for your attention

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