Being a dreamer is a necessity

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer

Growing up, my parents would often tell me that I had my head in the clouds, that I was a bit airy fairy, and frequently requested that I take those rose-coloured spectacles off!

They did this to protect me and wanted me to be realistic so that I wouldn’t be disappointed when life didn’t go to plan. Just like it didn’t go to plan for them…

Here’s the one thing I know about being realistic, it is the fastest path to mediocracy.

And I wasn’t born to simply lead a mediocre life!

We become our environment

From the earliest age I felt out of sorts with my humble upbringing, in our town in South Wales.

I dreamt of being more, doing more, seeing more and achieving more.

Wanting to do the things that, quite frankly, the people around me were not doing.

I couldn’t explain where it came from or why I felt this way, it was just a spark, a little flame, that slowly grew over time until it became all consuming.

The longer I ignored the voice, the louder it got, and the more out of alignment I felt with my true self.

That was until I hit 30, a massive wall, and my first major awakening began.

We become the product of our environment, and our conditions, patterns and programming that is hardwired into our subconscious minds from the earliest age.

If our environments are not conducive to expansion, wealth, positive experiences and success – it’s unlikely that we will naturally magnetise this into our lives as adults.

When we don’t listen to our inner voice and seek out the expansion and growth it so lovingly wants us to have, as adults we will not likely seek this out proactively.

We won’t believe that having it all, living our dream lives and being limitless in the pursuit of them, is even possible for us.

Because that is what our environment and our surroundings have programmed us into believing.

It’s never too late!

Old Newtonian science tells us that we’re dealt an environmental and genetic hand a birth and we simply have to deal with it and “be grateful for our lot”.

The lucky ones get born into privilege and the unlucky ones don’t. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

New science, the science of epigenetics and quantum physics, tells a very different story in that we have the power to change our genetics. We command our cells, and the energy around us that creates our reality, not the other way around.

Put simply, we get to co-create a new genetic destiny and a new reality for ourselves.

Life starts happening for us, instead of to us. We become the hero in our own story, instead of being the victim of circumstance.

We can choose, at any given moment to dream up a brand new reality. Once we hold that vision and get behind it with our minds and our bodies, it MUST become manifest. It is a law of the universe, it’s what’s fast becoming known in the mainstream as the power of manifestation.

It is my absolute belief that we women can truly have it all across the realms of love, career, wealth and health.

Nothing is off limits, and we do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

All we have to do, is dream, decide, believe and act accordingly.

How I can support you?

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 To your incredible success xo

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