Believe your Way to Prosperity

The secret to attracting greater levels of wealth and abundance into your life is this…

Money responds to your energetic frequency

It doesn’t have a mind of its own

It doesn’t care if you’re a good person or a bad person

It doesn’t care how you utilise it

It doesn’t care how desperately you need it

It doesn’t care how many hours you worked for it

It doesn’t care whether you’re deserving of it

And it doesn’t care if you’ve prayed or begged for it

Your ability to magnetise and the level at which you get to retain wealth in your life is determined by what you believe to be true, and how you choose to think, feel and act towards it

Notice how I use the word ‘choose’ (this is important!)

 Your beliefs

Our beliefs about ourselves, our worthiness, our values, and our beliefs around wealth and wealth creation usually comes from our parents, our grandparents and as adults; the five people we choose to spend the most time with

Our beliefs drive everything else (thoughts, emotions, actions) – which determines what frequency we resonate at. This is why working on our beliefs is imperative if we wish to transform an area of our lives

We get to choose what we believe and what becomes true for us – every single day. Unfortunately, most people go through life not understanding this

They don’t step into their power as a co-creator and continue to go along with the beliefs they’ve always believed – creating the same results they’ve always created

This is most acute when it comes to money and finances. We end up inheriting beliefs from our parents, who inherited beliefs from their parents (who likely grew up in WW2 and had to survive a world war and then had to ration food for a decade after that!!!)

You may have grown up in a broken home, or your parents may be wonderful but they believe in working hard for money and saving every penny they have

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, rich people are greedy and money is the root of all evil” are the most common, and the most limiting phrases I and many of my clients heard growing up

These beliefs are not conscious, they are buried in your subconscious and without you even realising it, drive behaviours and emotions that serve to limit and sabotage your life in the realm of wealth

Resenting the wealthy, thinking money creates evil, and holding the belief that when we lack money we are somehow more righteous and closer to god than those that do – is an old paradigm!

And I’m no longer available for that that old paradigm

A new, more empowering paradigm is this:

The more money I receive, the more good I can do in this world. The more I can create, the more I can experience and the more than I can give to others. Being a wildly wealthy and worthy woman is my birth right, and I’m here to claim it

Aligning your beliefs to an abundance of wealth

We can, at any given moment, pivot our beliefs towards something new and empowering. We can literally try on and choose ANYTHING we want

So why would we choose and keep wearing a limiting belief when we can choose an empowering one? Here’s why:

  • We choose it because everyone else believes it
  • We choose it because we don’t realise that we are our own saboteur
  • We choose it subconsciously, and settle for less than we deserve as a result

The first step is awareness. I want you to journal on this and ask yourself; what beliefs do I currently hold around money and wealth creation? Are they empowering (expanding), or are they limiting (contracting) my life? Are they my beliefs or someone else’s beliefs?

 Try putting on these new beliefs, and see how they feel

  1. I choose to believe that what I give comes back to me ten-fold
  2. I choose to believe that I am a magnet for money and prosperity
  3. I choose to believe that I am an energetic match for my dream income
  4. I choose to believe that I deserve nice things of the highest quality
  5. I choose to believe that I am a wildly wealthy and worthy woman
  6. I choose to believe that money flows to me easily
  7. I choose to believe that money flows to me from multiple sources
  8. I choose to believe that I am expert at managing my money
  9. I choose to believe I always have more than enough
  10. I choose to believe that anyone can be wildly wealthy

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