Healing Disease Using Manifestation

How it started

I’m happy to admit that I’m someone who has always taken my health for granted.

I assumed, like many of us do, that my body had an infinite capacity to regenerate and eliminate anything that it didn’t need

I didn’t believe that I had to “do too much” to take care of it, and I could continue consuming toxin’s and running my energy levels into the ground, and it was all okay because my body (quite literally) had my back!

I binge drank through my teens and twenties, indulged in class-A recreational drug taking, and had a rather poor diet. I worked and partied pretty hard. Not many things disrupted my body, and my metabolism was always high, so I just kept on going.

The truth was, by the time I’d reached my early 30’s there were early warning signs that something wasn’t right.


Your body is always giving you signals

It was a year or two after I’d moved to London to start a new life. I started getting acne, which as most women do, I simply attributed to hormones and nothing else.

I then developed a persistent cough, and when I went to the doctors they simply prescribed an inhaler citing mild asthma (even though I’d never had it in my life before)

So, I started making some changes to my diet, and was already on a journey of deep inner work to transform my mindset…

I improved my physical condition, worked out more and incorporated yoga and pilates

I meditated regularly, and was healing and reconnecting with myself at the spiritual level

I still however found myself indulging in rich foods and alcohol. A very busy and stressful career, with early mornings and late nights. I relied on more than a few coffees to get me through those low energy times.

This was “City Life” and I just accepted it as par for the course.

I still had the bad skin, the persistent cough, and I then started to develop gut problems. Nothing major, or debilitating, but let’s say I wasn’t in an optimal state.

The sad truth was, I was completely and utterly disconnected from my body, so I simply didn’t listen to or recognise to the early warning signs.


Manifesting Better Health

I was at a place in my life where I had started to lean into my personal power. I had come across and had started to apply the incredible laws of attraction and manifestation to bring about positive changes in my life.

The more I practiced this and saw my results improve, the more I wondered that if I could manifest one thing on purpose, is it possible to manifest anything?

So when resetting the ultimate Vision for my life, I started to imagine how I wanted to look and how I wanted to feel in my body. What would my ideal energy levels feel like? How would my skin be? What would optimal health look like?

Next, and in order to become my highest vision for myself, I had to align to this version of myself at the level of mind, body and spirit, and effectivity change my identity.

That included my habits, my beliefs and my attitude, and how I chose to show up in the world each and every day!

I committed to making changes towards improving this.

When you start taking the first steps, and make a shift into this identity, the universe sends you exactly what you need to help you on your way.

Cue my partner, Gabriel! He came into my life around the time that I was starting to really think about manifesting better health for myself.

It just so happens that he’s an ex-professional football player and runs his own personal training business!

A mere coincidence? I think not.

Gabriel has taught me so much about discipline. Something that despite my best intentions, I had not cultivated a habit around. In fact, I came to realise through our relationship and mirroring each other, just how undisciplined I actually was when it came to looking after myself!


Sometimes it gets worse, before it gets better

Fast forward a year, and it’s March 2020. We’d recently been on a beautiful trip to Costa Rica, and had finished celebrating our respective birthdays in February and March.

I’d landed a fantastic career opportunity at a Global Investment Bank and I had birthed the Clarity Queen Brand.

Life was GOOD, and then there was the Global Pandemic. It was early March, I’d just returned from a trip to Wales when I was hit with COVID.

It was pretty rough! I was laid up for 4 whole days, zero taste and smell for nearly two weeks, and it affected my digestive system too.

I wasn’t fully recovered for at least 3 weeks, and for weeks after that my energy levels just didn’t return fully.

It was all, well, a bit weird!

Then in the July of 2020, I suddenly contracted digestive problems. Nothing like I’d ever experienced before.

I went for a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Which is effectively an autoimmune disease.

If you don’t know what UC is, let me just say that it is an incredibly nasty, debilitating and very humbling disease.

The scary part? Doctors don’t really know what causes it (hence why it’s under the bracket of autoimmune) and there is no known cure.

The options that were presented to me were two-fold: Many years of pharmaceutical treatment, then potentially surgery and a coloscopy bag if it doesn’t get better

All I knew in that moment was this: “I am NOT available for that life…”

So I set about doubling down on manifesting perfect health for myself.


Life’s Perfect Lessons

It’s easy to beat yourself up when you receive a diagnosis like that, and particularly when you’ve worked hard/played hard like I did for all those years.

But no more especially than when it’s an autoimmune disease, and here’s my unfiltered thoughts on why:

  • The reason we don’t have a cure for this growing class of disease is that the medical community (funded by Big Pharma) have done very little research on the real causes to find actual cures
  • By saying it’s an autoimmune problem, they are effectively telling you that it’s your fault, because autoimmune disease is simply the body attacking itself
  • Instead of curing disease, they overwhelmingly lean towards symptom management, by the use of drugs, and systematically shift the cause of the disease back on to you
  • I do believe the only reason we have this new and endemically growing class of diseases is because our environments are so toxic. The air we breath, the products we use, the water we drink, the food we eat is full of endocrine-disrupting chemicals

We don’t have a cure because the research doesn’t receive any funding. Funding that is almost exclusively provided by the very same corporates who financially benefit from you taking their drugs (Big Pharma).

Anyway… I digress.


Aligned Action + Deep Surrender = Receiving

I tried a lot of things during the last 15 months since my diagnosis to naturally cure the disease. I also took the drugs advised by the specialist.

My body rejected almost all of the stronger drugs (steroids and immunosuppressants), and the anti-inflammatory drugs were just not very effective.

However, I held on to the belief that my body was capable of healing itself.

I set about healing at all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit

Using Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology I identified within my subconscious programming that I was still holding on to past traumatic events. Things that I didn’t even realise consciously were still an issue.

I created my own hypnosis and rewired my subconscious programming to release, forgive, and implant new and empowering beliefs.

(* In Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body, Gut/Colon/Colitis Problems are linked to holding on to something that needs to be released)

I took part in Plant Medicine ceremonies, and incredible insights came up around deeply embedded childhood and teenage year traumas as well as insights into my true path and purpose. This changed my life and escalated my healing journey ten-fold.

I became the healthy, happy, whole version of me that I had visualised. I changed how I showed up, took responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions and nourished my body with better foods and exercise.

Then, around 3 months ago I received an intuitive nudge to just let it all go! I realised, that throughout the year I had been systematically tried to control the disease and my bodies healing process.

The work I had done was having a profound impact on my health overall, but I knew this was the final piece. After taking aligned action, we must surrender the outcome, trust and have faith! It’s a piece that many of us miss when manifesting our dream reality.

So, I decided to just accept the disease, and trust and have unwavering faith that it would heal in good time.

That was the most profound lesson of this whole experience. That and the fact that if I wanted to reach the ultimate vision of my life, then that version of me would put her health and her body first!


You are always divinely guided

By the summer of 2021, I had decided to leave my 19 year corporate career and embark an entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Clarity Queen.

There’s nothing quite like the sudden onset of a progressive disease to put what really matters to you into sharp focus.

This is 100% the right path, and I’m taking it at exactly the right time.

In my first week as a full-time business owner, I decided kick off my journey with a 2-day live event in Wembley.

It was the perfect, high-energy environment, and exactly what I needed. Many new connections were made, and I even met someone who I hired as my new coach.

None of the connections were more aligned (and profound) than the guy sitting next to me for the two days. It turned out that he had also been diagnosed with UC and had fully healed from it!

Another mere coincidence? I think not.

He introduced me to a powerful herbal cleanse that I decided to try out. The same time I was guided to purchase two books by the Medical Medium; Cleanse to Heal and Liver Rescue.

I read up about the powerful medicinal properties of Celery Juice (organic only of course), and followed this protocol every day for 6 weeks:

  • 16 oz Lemon Water (organic)
  • 16 oz Juiced Celery (organic)
  • Qenda Herbal Cleanse Drink
  • No Dairy, Gluten or Eggs
  • No alcohol
  • No chocolate
  • No pork or lamb
  • No processed foods (we don’t do this anyway)

All the work I had done was perfect in terms of aligning with my highest vision for a healthy, healed, happy and whole version of me!

This deep cleanse, was the final piece in allowing my body to reset itself. Up until then there were still toxins, pathogens and parasites in my body that were keeping it in a diseased state.

My body was simply stuck in a pattern, a habit, of responding and trying to eliminate these elements.


How it’s going

At the point of writing this blog, it’s been 6 weeks, and for nearly 5 of those 6 weeks I have been completely symptom free. Zero UC symptoms whatsoever!

I’ve also decided to stop taking all medication. It’s been 2 weeks into being medication free, and still no comeback of any symptoms.

To say that my mind is blown, is an understatement.

Not only am I symptom free but my skin and eyes are glowing, my energy levels have skyrocketed, I have so much clarity of mind, and I’m finally able to go to the toilet like a healthy human being!

I’m going to continue with the cleanse as a maintenance for a few more months, and will get blood tests done to assess whether I’m in ‘true’ remission… But deep down – I already know that I am.

After all these months, I finally feel like myself but definitely not my ‘old self’

I am now the healthy, happy, healed, and whole version of myself that I had visualised all those months ago.

So to conclude, can the power of manifestation heal disease? I’m living proof that it can.

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