Helpful Tips To Ease Anxiety

There are few things worse than feeling a wave of anxiety take over your body, as you feel your heart racing and get a horrible unsettled feeling in your tummy. Its a feeling of fear or apprehension about whats to come, be that a situation at work or a first date. But it can also creep into our lives when there doesnt seem to be any particular reason for it.

According to the NHS, a staggering 1.69 million people were referred for therapy in England from 2018-19, and it can affect anyone at any time, as Bake Off winner and TV chef Nadiya Hussain explains to The Express.

It can take time and patience and weeks of therapy to train our brains to combat anxiety, but there are some things you can do to help fight anxiety daily. In order to make meaningful changes in our lives, we need to speak our mindslanguage, and with practice and time, you can master the little tools that help you reframe your way of thinking.


1. Get excited

It might sound surprising, but anxiety and excitement are on the same biological level. Both will cause blood to rush to your fingers and get your mind racing. Why not try making a switch from anxious to excited by simply telling yourself to get excited? It might sound magical, but instead of being fearful, the mind looks for things to be excited about instead.


2. Learn habit-stacking

When anxiety strikes, the brain tends to focus on the things it cannot control, such as the source of stress. However, but adjusting our daily routines to focus more on the daily habits that boost confidence or that keep you calm.

This habit-stacking of taking time to repeat your personal mantra, try a breathing exercise, or adjust your body language will help to reframe negative and irrational thoughts as you go.


3. See another perspective

We all suffer from imposter syndrome, the feelings of self-doubt and incompetence, despite your success. But taking a look at yourself from some elses perspective can help you see how amazing you are. Set out of yourself every once in a while to remind yourself of that!


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