How To Attract What You Want

Are you at a place in life where you just feel stuck?

You want things to be different, but maybe you feel powerless in changing your circumstances. This can leave you feeling hopeless, as if you’ll never be able to have the life you really want.

I have good news: It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m Catherine Cornwall, a manifestation coach and Law of Attraction expert. I’ve been in your place before–and I’m living proof that attracting what you want in life is entirely possible.

I manifested my soulmate and my own financial freedom, and I can help you do the same. I’m sharing seven strategies for how to attract what you want so you can manifest the life of your dreams just like I did.

Tips for attracting what you want in life

Reflect on your true desires–and get specific

It’s impossible to attract what you want if you don’t have a clear idea in mind. That’s why reflecting on your goals is an essential part of manifestation. 

I understand that this might feel overwhelming and intimidating. However, I encourage you to dig deep and be honest with yourself.

how to attract what you want

Give yourself permission to dream. Don’t hold back! You have nothing to lose.

Once you’ve identified what you want to attract, narrow it down even further. Being able to put a clear, specific vision out into the universe can help you manifest your dreams.

For example, if you want to manifest your dream home, think about exactly what you want that home to look like. How many bedrooms? What sorts of features does it have? How do you envision your outdoor space?

If you’re not crystal clear about your dreams, they may not come true in the way that you hope. Identifying the details will help guide you toward your goals.

Commit to what you want

Have you always wanted to go back to school but worry that you’re not smart enough? Maybe you want to find love but have a history of toxic relationships and feel like you don’t deserve to attract The One.

However, if you continue to think that way, you won’t be able to attract what you want in life.

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract the energy that we put into the world. It’s time to shed the idea that you’re not worthy of greatness. 

When you fully embody the positive things you want (and deserve!), you’ll raise your vibration. The Universe will reward you as a result.

Create a tangible representation of your dreams

Having a physical reminder of your goals is a great way to stay focused. Thinking about your dreams is important, but creating a visual depiction can help you further embody what you want to attract.

attract what you want

Writing about what you want to attract is one way of doing this. This can be as simple as a bulleted list that you hang on your fridge or sticky notes that you post on your mirror. 

Want to get a little more creative? Make a vision board! Find images online or cut pictures out of a magazine to create a collage. 

Choose whichever method speaks to you.

Dedicate time to visualize your dreams daily

While it’s important to create a visual representation of your goals, it’s not enough to simply look at it. You need to take time to fully embody your dreams.

Every day, take a few minutes to sit in a quiet place and immerse yourself in your vision. Spend a few moments looking at your list or vision board and think deeply about what it would feel like to have already achieved those things. 

What would it feel like to be with the partner of your dreams? Think about the traits they have, the activities you do together, and any other details you can dream of.

Imagine yourself sitting in the car of your dreams–what does the steering wheel feel like? What does the air freshener smell like? What song is playing on the radio when you drive it off the lot?

We attract what we embody. This is why it’s essential to dedicate time to embody your dreams daily.

Remove barriers to reaching your goals

attracting what you want in life

Part of manifestation is opening yourself fully to the universe. In order to attract what you want, you need to be prepared to receive those things.

This means removing anything that holds you back from receiving what you want. Are toxic friendships preventing you from attracting authentic, like-minded connections with others? Maybe it’s time to take a step back from those relationships.

Your negative mindset may be another barrier that holds you back from attracting what you want in life. By removing thoughts that are pessimistic, self-sabotaging, and anxiety-p

rovoking, you open yourself up to the positive things you want to manifest.

Trust the process

While it may be tempting to give up if things don’t immediately start falling into place, this is exactly the time when you need to take a deep breath and keep going.

Manifesting the life of your dream takes patience and commitment. Trust the process–the universe will bring you what you want when the timing is right. 

Celebrate the signs that your dreams are coming true

If you’re spending time caught up in frustration around the timeline of achieving your goals, you’re likely to miss the little signs that you’re already attracting what you want in life.

You might not have the job of your dreams quite yet, but you can practice gratitude for the shining review you received at your current job or the big sale you made this week. 

It’s important to celebrate even the tiniest steps–did you get a new work outfit that makes you feel like the professional you’ve always wanted to be? Did you wake up feeling particularly excited about your dreams?

Acknowledge every victory along the way, and you’ll have manifested your dream before you know it.

Learn how to attract what you want with 1:1 coaching

Looking for more individualized guidance for attracting what you want in life? 

I can help. I’ve manifested the fulfilling life I have today, and I want to support you in doing the same. Take the first step in manifesting your dreams by scheduling a complimentary consultation with me today. Looking forward to it, lovely.

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