How To Avoid War Anxiety

The war in Ukraine may be taking place thousands of miles away, but the endless stream of grim news rolling in from the country may have caused some people significant anxiety.

Whether it is a general distress at what is going on, concerns about friends or relatives in the country, the possibility of a global energy or food crisis or even an escalation of the war that drags in NATO with the possibility of a nuclear exchange, many have felt deeply troubled by events.

There is, of course, no lack of advice out there about how to deal with all this. I News has suggested a series of steps recommended by psychotherapist Noel McDermott, including cutting down on reading about the war and especially not seeking evidence to support one’s worst fears. At the same time, he advised people to make sure they are eating, breathing and sleeping properly.

Similar advice can be found elsewhere, such as a Daily Mirror article featuring advice from several psychologists, where the top tip seemed to be to check in with the news daily without avoiding it completely.

However, for some this may not be enough. Extra help such as 1 to 1 coaching sessions may be a much more effective way of helping people cope with the world’s uncertainties. This may be especially important because this crisis has followed on from two years of a deadly pandemic, while some people may be prone to generally worrying about life’s uncertainties at any time.

Such thoughts can hold you back from making big decisions, working on important projects and achieving your goals in life through fear of failure.

That’s why the current troubling situation could be a cue to seek the help you need, as such coaching will be able to help you do much more than just cope mentally with bad news headlines.

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