How to Create more Wealth

It’s my core belief that everyone on this planet not only deserves to be wealthy, but can create and generate more wealth now in this lifetime, regardless of their background

Time and time again, people prove this by going from rags to riches

Did they just get lucky, or is there something special about them that enabled their epic rise from the ashes?

There is a reason why the rich are seemingly getting richer and the poor are getting poorer

There is also a reason why a very high percentage of lottery winners lose all of their money within a few years, and that is: Wealth Consciousness

Wealth creates more wealth, and poverty creates more poverty: both are a state of mind.

To understand just how this perpetuation works, let me strip back the conditions of our reality and allow you to view it through a different lens – the lens of energy

Money is energy

Did you know that money isn’t real? It’s just a legal tender, that represents value. Value that we, human beings, have created within ourselves

For without us, what is the value of a house or a car? We are the ones that give value to material things

Did you also know that for every $100 only 4% ($4) is stored as paper money and coinage? The remaining 96% ($96) is stored as electronic data

It’s the monetary system that keeps this propped up, however it only exists because we believe in it. If we all stopped believing in this tomorrow the entire system would collapse.

And it has historically done just that – during the Great Depression

So if money is energy, then surely it follows that we can (as the powerful creators of our own reality) just create more of it?

Internal value = External results

Our internal VALUE is what creates money. When you create greater value within yourself, your external money and wealth will rise in direct proportion to that

This is not to be confused with self-worth. Rich people don’t automatically have high self-worth, and poor people don’t automatically have low self-worth. In fact the opposite is often true

However, when it comes to money and wealth-creation, a wealthy person DOES have a higher internal value in matters pertaining to money

This is what’s referred to as Wealth Consciousness

You don’t need anything outside of yourself to increase your wealth consciousness and therefore your money

Wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of your consciousness and awareness into the wealthy parts of yourself

This expansion wakes you up to the parts of yourself that are blocked, shut off or stagnant from social conditioning. Social conditioning that keeps you in lack, scarcity and poverty

What does science have to do with money?

When it comes to manifesting an abundance of wealth, prosperity and happiness quantum physics has everything to do with it

It explains how everything in your world comes into being, and that you are in direct control of how your world manifests. The only problem is that 98% of people have zero awareness of this

That’s why most people walk about creating a life by reacting to their reality, effectively creating by default

It may appear that you are a victim of circumstance, whilst all along you were the primary cause of those circumstances, especially when it comes to wealth or lack of it

You can’t control where you were born, or what limitations you were born with, but you can control what you choose to believe, think, feel and act upon once you reach adulthood

Understanding the world through the lens of Quantum Physics is the first and most empowering step on your journey to mastering your wealth consciousness

It tells us that we shape and form our world via our beliefs, thoughts and faith. The major benefit of understanding the basics of quantum physics is that it enables you to have full confidence in your ability, eliminate doubt and create your reality consciously, powerfully and beautifully – thus truly stepping into your power

Quantum physics tells us that we are all interconnected, we are all One, however designed to perpetuate an illusion of separation. It tells us how spirit and matter connect, how mind and matter interact and how we are co-creators with the universe – with God!

When you start to realise this and understand the basics of creation, you will be blown away by just how much power you have, how incredible this universe is, and how easy it is to create any life you want for yourself

5 steps to increasing your wealth consciousness

1. Understand how manifestation truly works

You are in complete control of your entire world, though you may not be aware of this fact!

While atomic and larger particles create ‘objects’ – smaller subatomic particles exist simultaneously as “probabilities of existence” – referred to as Quanta

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and these packets of energy, these quanta, behave at our command

The physical world around us is literally made up of ideas and energy

All you need to do to create a life that you desire, including the wealth that you desire, is to desire it, intend it, and believe that it is possible, and it will be arranged to come to you

Your certainty of it, your faith in it, and your attention to it creates it

Your minds images are the blueprint from which your world is built – so the degree to which you are able to IMAGINE is the degree to which you will create. Imagination is a basic but integral part of becoming wealthy

Whatever you put your attention to gets energy from you, and it grows and expands

2. Replace limiting conditions with empowering ones

What we think about, we become. Our minds are a powerful tool, however most people have allowed their minds to run the show

The most amazing fact about your mind is this: it can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined

When you feed it good thoughts and believe good things about yourself, it acts as a powerful manifesting tool, instead of a limiting one

Therefore you literally become what you think about, without fail. If you think about wealth, without any contradictory thoughts (stemming from limiting beliefs) you WILL become wealthy, without fail

Write down what your core beliefs are around money and wealth. If they are negative or limiting, replace them and affirm them with a belief that is more empowering and positive

3. Give as often as you can

Money is energy, and as such energy has to FLOW. One of the most powerful laws of nature is the Law of Giving. Give first before you receive

Giving promotes this energy flow, and ensures you are in harmony with the powers of the universe

Give and do it cheerfully, and without the expectation of receiving. Not just money, you can give your time, compliments, talent and knowledge

When we hoard money, when we scrimp and save every penny, when we are frugal (instead of sensible) we act from a place of lack and limitation

The law of cause and effect will guarantee that you receive plenty for what you give. Every time. Without fail

4. Cultivate immense gratitude towards money

Money has two primary uses: it allows us to exchange gifts, and it allows us to experience wealth. This experience is what increases our wealth consciousness and the ability to love it even more

Do not be ashamed of money. Handling it as if it were dirty, and thinking that rich people are bad people, will guarantee you a life of scarcity and even poverty

Learn to LOVE money and repeat the mantra “I love money and money loves me”

Be grateful, even before you’ve received something

By the law of cause and effect, your gratitude will attract that which you are grateful for

Gratitude speeds up reception of what you desire, because it is a statement of belief. In reality, and in accordance with the laws of quantum physics, you already have the very thing you desire; you’re just not experiencing it yet

Being immensely grateful and feeling excited about it portrays massive FAITH and will bring you into the state of wealth you desire at rapid speed

Try it yourself! Buy a Gratitude Journal and create a daily practice of being grateful for not only what you already have but also for what you’re bringing in

5. Make your money work for you

With record low interest rates and increasing inflation – if your money is simply sat in a bank account or savings account, not only is it not growing but the value is also being eroded

Research investments and real estate. There are a tonne of resources online, and savings and investment apps that allow you to invest small to large sums of money every day

Investment’s compound, so when we invest and hold over the long-term our investments start to generate earnings (that you reinvest) and capital growth on their own – meaning your money works for you! Cash doesn’t do that

Make sure you have a pension plan in place. Most employers offer them, and often provide a matching contribution for what you sacrifice from your salary every month

Pay your taxes cheerfully and without resentment. Your taxes keep society alive and functioning. Resenting your taxes is to cultivate the energy of scarcity

Keep accurate records, and know your numbers, including the difference between an asset and a liability. A simple tracker in an excel sheet or an accounting app will do the trick

Wealthy people have more assets than they do liabilities. Always maintain more assets than you do liabilities

Finally, when working to generate an income remember to use this to create new assets. Your assets will then work for your liabilities. Don’t work for your liabilities (eg: living pay cheque to pay cheque)

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