How To Feel Hopeful About 2022

The new year is typically a time for renewal and fresh starts, and a sense of optimism for the coming year. Back at the beginning of 2020, before wed ever heard of omicronand lateral flow, we all looked forward to the new year, until the pandemic plunged us into chaos and turmoil.

After two years of uncertainty, new variants, and lockdowns, it would be hardly surprising if you found it difficult to look forward to the coming year, make plans, or even make new year resolutions. Even thinking about making grand plans for the year feels like youre setting yourself up to fail.

However, we need hope and optimism, things to look forward to, and things to work towards. So lets have a look at some tips to think about 2022 in a hopeful way.

Firstly, if you look for disappointments, you are more likely to find them, while if you look for good things you are more likely to find them too. Try asking yourself three questions:

What did you learn about yourself (both good and bad) about how you coped or dealt with the disappointments?

What do you want to create more of in your life?

What do you need to change to create more of that? 

Worry, stress, and anxiety can be enhanced and fed by fear and a lack of control, so try to plan or create something that you do have control over, whether thats an artistic endeavour, personal health goals, or something for your career.

If anxiety and worry start to overwhelm you, the best thing you can do is build good structures that help you regain some control over parts of your life. It may be making sure you go for a walk every day or making changes to your diet.

For personal growth, it is important to be adaptable to what life throws at you. Changes that have happened over the last two years are not personal, they are structural, which goes for every aspect of your life, including relationships.

Its important to remember that they are not a personal attack against your life, they are a change of the structures youve become used to, we need to create new structures and find what works.

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