How To Manifest Your Dream Life With Anxiety

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Manifesting has become very popular recently, as people realise that their past actions have brought them to where they are today, so what you do in the present will dictate the life you’ll live in the future.

However, it is not always easy to form idealised ideas about the future and embrace being positive when you’re suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is defined as a nervous disorder characterised by uneasiness and apprehension but can manifest itself in different ways for different people.

But manifesting while suffering from anxiety is not an impossible task. First, you need to recognise your fears for what they are, protective mechanisms that keep you in your comfort zone. By facing your fears you can ask yourself ‘What am I afraid of?’

A key aspect of manifesting is to distinguish intuitive thoughts from anxious irrational thoughts and to shut down the voice that casts doubt on your aspirations.

Manifesting is all about perception, and when you think too much about a situation, you inevitably create a scenario in your head of all the irrational possibilities that could happen as a result. The key is to use those same imaginative powers to create visions of yourself that you would be happier with, for instance, one where you have achieved your goals.

After achieving this distinction between your thoughts, you will need a manifesting method that works for you.

One method is to create daily affirmations that will support healing and growth, or you can create vision boards that will remind you of your purposes in life. Write down what you aim to achieve in the coming year, and look for photos and quotes that will directly reflect your goals.

Having anxiety will not restrict your manifesting, and while it is much easier said than done, being away from your emotions will allow you to let go of those fears that are holding you back.

Using manifesting to cope with anxiety encourages us to step back from a negative cycle of thinking, and pushes us a step closer to following our passions.


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