Manifesting a dreamboat apartment

In the midst of a recent mental, emotional and physical breakdown (literally!)… I ushered in one of my biggest manifestations


Our Dreamboat apartment!


Let me share this crazy story, so that you too can know that it is absolutely possible to manifest anything your heart desires – even when it all feels like its falling apart


The story starts a year ago. I had moved in with Gabriel around 6 months prior to that, and I’d left behind a lovely little one-bedroom apartment in an exclusive area of the city: Primrose Hill


There’s something about the leafy suburban areas of London that just makes my soul sing. I just love the beautiful architecture of the old buildings, the village streets, old pubs and big parks!


Moving in with Gabriel was the right move at the right time of our blossoming relationship, and I was so excited to be sharing a home with the love of my life


The area that we’ve been living in is also lovely. It’s a trendy up and coming area in the south east, close to Peckham and not far from Canary Wharf with good 10 min commuter links into London Bridge


Despite all of this, there’s been something missing. I’ve been craving an up-level for the longest time, and the apartment was pre-furnished so none of the stuff was our own. So, in Feb/March 2020 we agreed to try and find somewhere close-by that would suit Gabriel’s business and met my womanly needs to furnish and nest!


Then the pandemic kicked in… We spent time looking around at places but there wasn’t much on the market. And then I found something….


An absolute DREAMBOAT:


Victorian Conversion

Ground Floor Apartment

Private Garden

Kitchen Island

Bi-fold Doors onto the Garden

Big open plan space


Immaculately decorated

And EXPANSIVE energy


I wanted it SO much. But Gabriel just couldn’t line up with it… whether it was fear, procrastination, a need to be comfortable, or just not trusting the process (yet) – he just couldn’t get on board


And so I compromised, and let it go… It wasn’t right, and that was okay


But I still held the vision of that gorgeous dreamboat apartment and trusted that it would happen at exactly the right time


Fast forward 12 months and our lease was up again! Now is the time…


I decided to apply the same manifestation process and principles I preach to my clients, to usher it in!


  1. I got really clear on the vision and discussed with Gabriel so our respective desires were aligned (what are the non-negotiables!)
  2. We decided on Dulwich as our ideal location: leafy suburban, village-feel, independent shops, close to large parks
  3. We spent numerous weekends during the lockdown walking down to the area, really feeling into the energy of the place and just exploring the streets, sifting and sorting into what we liked and what we didn’t like!
  4. I took inspired action and got registered and started cultivating relationships with the real estate agents (this step cannot be understated in London)
  5. And then it was simply time to wait… Take the action needed, and then wait some more!




Trusting the process


Sticking a lid on the voice of fear…


Then, the game heated up! It turns out that every man, woman, child and dog wanted to move to Dulwich!


People (just like us) were desperate for a change of scenery, and more importantly an apartment in leafy suburbia with a private garden!




A gorgeous house came up which was perfect… and someone offered on it immediately, just from the photos!


Others came up that just felt MEH… Tiny, poky, claustrophobic and constrictive


Definitely NOT the Dreamboat


I felt the pressure, my ego was having a field day… Competitive Cath was itching to get out there and just steamroll the process with aggressive tactics, negotiation, manipulation and forced action – I was SO ready for the fight!


And then suddenly, I crashed. I entered this crazy intense vortex of energy! It forced me to stop completely, and just do nothing (more details on that story in my recent blog: Allowing it all to fall apart)


It was like an invisible hand just hit me in the face with a frying pan (like those cartoons of old) and I fell


Into oblivion


I cried for days, I purged so many toxins from my body, I was an emotional, physical and mental hot mess


So, I did the only thing I could do, I surrendered, and just went inward. I trusted. I went with it, and after a few days of totally falling apart at the seams…. Breakthroughs happened across every facet of my life


Big decisions made


Incredible levels of abundance flowed in


I was in full blown receiving mode, and it felt good


It was in the midst of this absolute craziness that I created so much space. Space in my energy field and in my physical environment. Space in my head. Space for the ultimate dream to come in


The Cottage


Then it came up… A gorgeous little 3-bed cottage in the heart of Dulwich Village. We got just a little bit excited and booked in to view it the following Monday.


The street was tree-lined, quiet and gorgeous. No traffic or craziness, it was like being in the countryside


We stepped inside and whilst the place was lovely and newly refurbished, it just didn’t have that EXPANSIVE energy that we were looking for! It very much fell into the tiny, poky, claustrophobic and constrictive category


Hearts sank, we walked out of there feeling gutted!


Earlier in the day I’d seen something else online but didn’t give it too much thought as we were hooked on the cottage


Something nudged me to go back online and check out the place… It was gorgeous! Not only was it gorgeous but it was also a Ground Floor Victorian Conversion with….


Private Garden

Kitchen Island

Bi-fold Doors onto the Garden

Big open plan space


Immaculately decorated

And EXPANSIVE energy


OMFG I thought to myself, it’s ‘the one’


I called a guy I’d been cultivating that all important relationship with at that particular estate agents… and he was like “there are seven other interested parties, but if you can make it over there in an hour I can squeeze you in”


Like I said, COMPETITIVE AF!!!


We hung around for a bit, grabbed a cuppa and went on over there!


The Dreamboat


Let me tell you something about manifesting your dream life, on purpose: It never gets old!


We walked into the alternative apartment that we’d just booked to see an hour ago, and it was PERFECTION


Exactly what we wanted, needed, desired and dared to dream about


As we were in the kitchen I could hear another prospect making an offer, and so I called into my contact and just made our intention offer there and then. In the cab on the way home, we discussed our ‘upper limit’ as we knew we’d have to go in high to even be in with a chance…


My guy called me, and we talked money whilst I was en route to the shops. We went in big, but not so big that we’re paying over the odds. What we decided to offer was still the perfect price for the Dreamboat, albeit over the initial asking


And that was it… I drew a line in the sand, totally and utterly let it go, surrendered and closed it off with the mantra “this or something even better”


By 10am the following morning the apartment was ours


When you know, you know!


So it transpired that they had received 5 other offers in addition to ours for the property. Almost everyone that went to view it within that 2-hour window wanted it too!!!


But here’s how I KNEW it was ours as soon as I’d seen it:


  1. Speed at which it manifested itself
  2. Ease at which it flowed into our path
  3. Fact that it was similar to but EVEN BETTER than the first dreamboat from the year prior
  4. Matching up, not just to all of my desires that I’d envisioned, but Gabriel’s too
  5. Tell tail synchronicities


The tell tail synchronicities (aka signs from the Universe) were simply these: The lady showing us around was called Jade (My sister’s name), the number of the property is 83 (my birth year), and the garden is 83ft (also my birth year)!


Wann know the moment I knew Gabriel was onboard?? It was when he whispered “I can play football out here” whilst stood in the perfectly manicured, humungous (for the area) garden.


The moral of the story?


Dare to dream big, and know you’re worthy of the up-level


Hold the unwavering vision


Keep the faith, let go of the how


Be prepared to act in alignment with your dream


Trust that it is already yours


This isn’t just about an apartment. This process, this approach, this formula can be used time and time again to usher in ANYTHING your heart and soul desires. Your task, if you dare, is to simply dream big enough!


On that note, I have some next level envisioning to do….


To your incredible success xo

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