Overcoming Self Sabotage

Catherine Cornwall

As we evolve through life experience and move towards greater levels of success, love and abundance there is an invisible limit, a Fulfilment Ceiling if you will, that when triggered brings us back down to a level that we feel more comfortable with. This is more commonly known as Self-Sabotage.

Self-Sabotage reels it’s ugly head in a multitude of different ways. You may have experienced it in a relationship. When things are going really well, and suddenly one of you causes a row or starts distancing themselves from the other.

This is your Fulfilment Ceiling, your upper limit being triggered. It’s a little voice inside of your subconscious mind tells you that it’s going ‘too well’ and you automatically do something to change it. It’s a universal human tendency, which 98% of people on the planet suffer with, and they don’t even realise it.

So what causes our Fulfilment Ceiling to be triggered? At an early age our Fulfilment Ceiling is set by our environmental experiences, at a time when we couldn’t think for ourselves, which in reality puts a lid on our potential. As we grow through life, we exceed the level our ceiling and we end up unconsciously bringing ourselves back down to our old level.

The good news is that the ceiling is made of glass, and can be broken.

To break through our own ceiling we must overcome barriers that were implanted into our subconscious at an early age. There are 4 main barriers:

  1. False belief that we are fundamentally flawed in some way

Results in us sabotaging our success as we believe we think we’re unworthy of it. If something good happens we must mess it up to off-set it, because good things can’t happen to bad people

  1. False belief that by succeeding we are leaving people from our past behind

We often sabotage our success because we think it’s disloyal to our roots if we soar too high

  1. False belief that we are a burden in the world

If we carry this feeling inside of us we sabotage our success so we don’t feel like a burden

  1. False belief that if we shine too bright we will outshine someone from our past

We often dim our lights of brilliance and hold ourselves back from expressing our fullest potential

The work is to go inward, reflect on your past experiences and habits, and be honest about whether these have applied to you. There could be more than one, but generally never all four apply to one person.

Shining a light of awareness on what has been holding us back by triggering self-sabotage behaviour, liberates a new energy in us that moves us to new heights of love, abundance and creativity and smashes the Fulfilment Ceiling to pieces.

As we move through our journey towards ultimate fulfilment, we will bump into the ghosts and shadows of our old barriers. Your quest is to continually recognise when they come up, and transcend them though awareness.

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