The Art of Letting Go in Relationships

What happens when we become attached?

When we are attached to a person, a set of circumstances or a particular outcome it creates suffering in our life.

We attach meaning to our experiences, which then becomes the STORY of our life.

The meaning is up to us. How we reframe the meaning, the belief around a situation either releases us or keeps us attached.

The art of letting go, is really just a release of meaning.

We attribute our sense of happiness or our sense of worthiness or our sense of connection to that story. The story that we identify with.

Attachment to something is making something that is not you, you!

To let go is to free ourselves from the mental anguish of the experience.

How does this play out in relationships?

I see this play out most often in my client’s experiences in the realm of love and romance.

By replaying the story over and over with “he said/she said, I wish I hadn’t done X, if only it could have gone like Y” – keeps them trapped in the emotion, the feeling, of the past.

When we’re thinking about the past, we are often in a lower vibrational frequency. This is because the past is often brings up feelings of shame, grief, regret, guilt, anger and pride.

How often do we look back with feelings of love, joy, peace and acceptance?

The truth is that what we’re attached to, the past, no longer exists. It’s gone and exists only in the mind.

The lower frequency vibrations that this act keeps us locked in, anchors us to the past.

It contracts us.

It prevents our expansion.

Left unresolved, it can even cause disease in our bodies.

According to the Law of Attraction, will result in you attracting similar people, events and circumstances that are matched to your lower level frequency.

How can you learn to let go?

Truly letting go starts with an acknowledgement, that this is just a story we have been telling ourselves.

When we realise that we have the power to re-tell another story, or to stop telling the story all together, that is when we can release the past.

Top tip for letting go:

Feel into the feelings of the emotion, figure out where in the body it is, then without judgement breath into it say “I release you” and “I forgive you” – and then let it go.

Practice as often as needed, and feel the attachment fade away.

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