The woman you are becoming

The woman you are becoming is going to cost you, but not in the way you may think


Here’s what I believe to be true about sacrifice: It is simply an illusion


A societal myth, that keeps on perpetuating simply because of everyone’s belief in it


There’s a common misperception in western society that women simply can’t have it all


In order to succeed in one area, we have to sacrifice another


Personal happiness for that of our loved ones


Our career success for our children


Health and wellbeing for a high-powered career


Sound familiar?


The possibilities of what we could sacrifice in the pursuit of something else is endless, and the truth is this: Sacrifice has become some kind of warped badge of honour!


Like somehow the more stressed out, unfulfilled or busy we are – the more successful we think we are!!!








And to be frank, I am no longer available for it.


What if there was another way? What if we didn’t have to sacrifice anything in the pursuit of our dreams and desires?


It is my absolute belief that women can and should have it all in their relationships, careers, wealth and health


We are worthy of, and deeply deserve, a life filled to the brim with passion, purpose and impact


Success follows happiness


When I ask women who I work with in my coaching practice the following question: “what is it that you actually want”? The answer is almost always – more happiness! I just want to be happier, more fulfilled, and successful.


Here’s the thing about happiness, it isn’t something you can obtain from the outside. No amount of success, money, experiences, people or places will give you lasting happiness.


Short-term hormonal and chemical responses yes, but lasting happiness – no


Happiness is simply energy, it’s an emotion, and a feeling that we cultivate internally. Success follows happiness – happiness doesn’t follow success.


Peace, contentment and happiness is our natural state of being. We’re just very good at putting stuff in the way of it!


Learning to cultivate this inner state will help to improve your results, and shift your outer reality, every single time.


The cost of becoming your greatest version


Now whilst I believe we don’t have to sacrifice one thing for the other in the pursuit of ultimate fulfilment – I do believe this:


The woman you are becoming.


The greatest version of you.


Is going to cost you! Big time.


Are you willing to go the extra mile, and pay the price?


Here’s some examples of what it will take to become your greatest version:


  1. Replacing your network (even friendships)
  2. Deep inner work, and healing
  3. Leaving your comfort zone
  4. Removal of limiting beliefs
  5. Dedication to the vision
  6. Creation of new beliefs
  7. Investment in yourself
  8. Radical responsibility
  9. Owning your results
  10. Aligned action
  11. Decisiveness
  12. Consistency


Yes, the cost of having it all is high. However, the reward on the other side, of literally having it ALL in the realm of relationship, career, wealth and health is a price (in my humble opinion) worth paying!


To your incredible success xo


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  1. Amiena

    Beautifully said. For me it’s more about having a vision and being content with the results. If you don’t like how your living or where you are then anything is possible and change it. We are amazing human beings and women can achieve so much..

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