Time is just an illusion

For our lives to work harmoniously, we have to develop a harmonious relationship with time. Once we get a handle on time and how it operates work flows gracefully and we operate at greater levels of performance.

To begin, we must first realise that there are two types of time: Newtonian Time, and Einstein Time.

Newtonian time is the way most of us are wired to think about time. It stipulates that there is only a finite amount of time, and therefore must be proportioned out so there is enough time for us to do the things we need to do. It assumes that time is limited and scarce, and immediately puts us into the mind-set of what I call ‘not-enough-time-ness’ and leaves us with a feeling of time urgency.

Einstein time stipulates that we are where time comes from, and we are the source of time. It’s a profound and simple truth, and once you understand that you are where time comes from, you have the power to make as much of it as you want. When we make the shift to Einstein time, we experience a major surge in our Productivity, Creativity and Enjoyment.

Operating in Einstein Time offers 4 key benefits:

  • You get more done in less time
  • You enjoy plenty of time and increased energy for your most important creative activities
  • Through the space it creates, you discover your unique abilities and how to express them
  • You feel really good inside

To dissolve the old Newtonian Time paradigm, and shift to the new and expanded version of time offered by Einstein, we need to make some changes of how we think about space. By learning to occupy space in a new way we gain the ability to create more time.

A powerful example of this is when you are doing something you dislike verses doing something you love. When you are in the midst of something you dislike time drags, it actually slows down, “it’s like waiting for paint to dry”. The more you feel into the discomfort of the situation, the slower time gets. That is because we become preoccupied trying not occupy the space we are in – our consciousness goes somewhere else – we are not present in the moment.

When we are doing something we love, we forget about time altogether. The saying often goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ – the truth of it is actually that ‘time evaporates when you’re having fun’. When we occupy the whole space of those incredible moments, and we are fully present and conscious in the moment, time simply disappears.

How do you think Houdini spent all of that time underwater holding his breath? I believe he was so intensely present that time for him simply disappeared, and he was in total control of the time he had in the tank – allowing him to intently focus on his escape. For the audience, who felt discomfort at the prospect of a man drowning in front of their eyes, time dragged and those minutes felt like an hour.

When we switch to Einstein time, we take charge of the amount of time we have. By embracing the insight that we are where time comes from, we become liberated and realise that as we are the producer of time, we can make as much time as we need.

How do we achieve this? The trick with Einstein time is to become intensely present in the now, and occupy all of the space that you have in order to evaporate time. It takes practice and keen awareness to master this concept, and as with anything in life – you first have to believe in order to receive.

3 steps to make the most of this practice, and start shifting your time paradigm today:

Step 1 – Shine a light of awareness on the realisation that you are where time comes from. Stop believing that time is ‘out there’ and recognise that you are in control of time. This immense power is in all if our hands. Believe it to be true and step into your power.

Step 2 – Starting today, eliminate negative statements such as “There’s never enough hours in the day” or “I just don’t have time for that”. Replace your old Time Paradigm (Newtonian to Einstein) with a set of daily affirmations:


  • “I am the source of time”
  • “Time comes from within”
  • “I have all the time in the world”
  • “Time is limitless and abundant”

Step 3 – Form a habit. A habit is formed through consistency, persistency and repetition. Write the Affirmations on a piece of paper or a post-it note, and place where you’ll see it every day. I place mine on my vanity desk, and I repeat my affirmations three times, every morning, in the mirror.

Then simply watch as your subconscious mind begins to rewire itself.

If this all seems a bit too elusive and mysterious to you, just remember that so did driving a car before you learnt how to drive.

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