What Does Financial Freedom Mean?

When I think of financial freedom, I imagine lying on a beach on a tropical island and not having to worry about how I paid for the flights, luxurious hotel or expensive cocktails. But financial freedom is different to everyone, which makes achieving it even harder.

Regardless of what you would want to spend your money on if you had lots of it, financial freedom means more than ‘being rich’.

Indeed, you can be ‘rich’ without having financial freedom, and you can be ‘poor’ with it.

Forbes magazine described it as being “in control of your finances and your life choices”. It recognised that “too many individuals are frustrated working their tails off”, which, while bringing them money, does not provide them with the liberty they crave.

In fact, sometimes it can do the opposite, creating a cycle of even more bills and expenses.

“This means getting trapped in golden cages,” Forbes stated, adding: “[Being] imprisoned by lifestyles they cannot afford and investments designed to erode their wealth.”

So if financial freedom doesn’t mean being wealthy, what does it mean?

If you listen to Experian, it is not being preoccupied with financial concerns and treating those you love, as well as yourself, without feeling stressed.

However, maybe the meaning runs deeper than this. For some, it could mean not having to work anymore; for others, it could mean being out of debt; maybe it’s about treating yourself; or perhaps being able to give as much to others as you would want.

To find out what financial freedom means to you and how to achieve it, why not get in touch with a money manifestation coach and see what you might unlock?

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