What Is the Divine Feminine?

divine feminine

The divine feminine is an ancient concept that describes more feminine qualities—like empathy, collaboration, sensing—and speaks to their transformational power.

what is the divine feminineI have personally experienced the life-changing effects of the divine feminine. Now I help other women tap into their divine feminine, so they can attract and manifest the things that they desire like career success, a soulmate, and health.

Here, I’ll explain what is the divine feminine, its role in your life, how to awaken your divine feminine, and more.

Divine feminine qualities

The divine feminine is comprised of more traditionally feminine qualities.

Divine feminine qualities include:

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Gentleness
  • Community
  • Sensuality
  • Collaboration
  • Vulnerability
  • Nurturing
  • Sensitivity

And more.

What is the role of the divine feminine?

The role of the divine feminine is to enable women to express themselves as women. It frees women from forcing themselves into masculine molds to pursue success, romantic relationships, and well-being. Although the divine feminine is typically associated with women, both men and women should be in touch with their divine feminine.

In today’s world, I find that the divine feminine meaning is at its core freeing. As women, we don’t have to assimilate into societally-dominant masculine qualities to live a joyful and full life.

Instead of relentlessly and aggressively pursuing success, we can tap into our divine feminine to attract and manifest the things we want in life. Instead of striving to succeed in a man’s world, we can create our own in which we can be our most authentic selves (and hold this space for others).

How do I connect with and awaken my divine feminine?

Now that you know what the divine feminine is, we can discuss how to awaken the divine feminine.

Choose health

A woman’s body is sacred; it is a temple.

By treating your body as a temple, you invite in greater health and abundance. If we don’t treat ourselves as goddesses, how can we expect the world to do the same?

Question society

We live in a man’s world.

The divine feminine questions societal norms, allowing women to thrive and embrace the qualities that society often labels as “weak” or “too emotional.”

When we consider the divine feminine, we flip society’s implicit expectations on its head.

Instead of seeing our femininity as a crutch, we see the divine feminine as a set of strengths that can change society and people’s lives for the better.

Attract, don’t pursue

divine feminine meaningLong work hours. Endless dating. Aggressive exercise routines.

Sounds familiar?

When we are in touch with our divine feminine, we do the opposite. We don’t force anything into our lives. Instead, we live a life true to our magnetic, divine feminine qualities that create a space of peace and self-assurance that people are attracted to.

When we are deeply comfortable in our divine feminine, the world aligns with us.


Your divine feminine is in you, just below the surface.

By quieting (and listening!) to ourselves, we can access the divine feminine.

Meditation invites calm and silence instead of noise and demands. By creating a welcoming space in ourselves, we collaborate with the universe. We hold space for our true purpose instead of what we think we should be doing.

End toxic relationships

Toxic relationships—both platonic and romantic—poison your divine feminine. These toxic relationships make you question your worth and intuition. When you channel your divine feminine, you channel your goddess energy. Anything or anyone that makes you question this beauty and strength inside you blocks this energy and oppresses your divine feminine.

How will I know that I’ve awoken my divine feminine?

Just like when you’re in love, you’ll know when you know.

If you’ve awoken your divine feminine, you will feel a deep sense of calm, confidence, and joy. It’s an intensely freeing feeling. Your life will “make sense,” and your intended path will be clear. Additionally, you will lovingly accept yourself and trust that what you desire will come to you.

Other divine feminine awakening symptoms include:

  • Increased creativity
  • Increased sensing and intuition
  • A supportive and collaborative community around you
  • Success in work, love, and heath

And more.

How do I express my divine feminine?

what is divine feminineYou can express your divine feminine by tapping into the divine feminine qualities.

When you could shout, listen.

When you could do what you’re told, reconsider using your intuition and creativity.

When you could be serious and intimidating in the workplace, be joyful and gentle instead.

Listen to yourself, and don’t repress the qualities that society tells you are weak.

How do I heal my divine feminine?

My clients have a lot of unlearning to do when they come to me.

They, like all of us, have been subtly taught to repress their divine feminine. This decades-long education requires time and training to heal.

Like you would an injury, care for your divine feminine (that alone is an act of the divine feminine!). Be nurturing and gentle with yourself, and consciously consider your feminine qualities to be a strength. 

Remember that your divine feminine strength is just as strong as “masculine” strength, and healing your divine feminine is a journey. Rushing this journey is, in itself, contradictory to the divine feminine.

Awaken your divine feminine

I am a testament to the power of the divine feminine.

When I was imbalanced and out of touch with my divine feminine, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, unhealthy, unhappy, in debt, and dating men that I didn’t connect with.

After a soul-searching journey and a decade of learning in deep healing and personal development, I finally embraced my divine feminine. 

My life unfolded before me. I attracted my dream partner. I found heightened success in my career. I manifested abundance, which delivered me from debt and a life of dissatisfaction. 

If you’re curious about the divine feminine’s life-changing power, feel free to contact me to discuss this power and how it can transform your life.

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