What Is The Law Of Attraction?

One of the first steps to having it all is knowing you can have it all.

Whilst this is quite a simple concept, it is one that a surprising number of people struggle with enough that they seek advice from a spiritual life coach to unpin the mental web of self-doubts and self-sabotage that stop them from being their best selves.

Whilst there are different ways to become your best self and reach your goals, one of the central ways to do this involves a simple rule known as the law of attraction.

This concept, which is a central aspect behind manifestation, is the idea that positive thoughts, feelings and actions will bring positive results to a person’s life, whilst going into situations with a negative mindset brings negative results.

It works in practice because by focusing on a goal with the firm positive knowledge that you can achieve it, you will instead focus on the steps you need to take to achieve it.

For example, if you are looking to close a particularly important business deal, start with the knowledge that you can get that deal, and work backwards from there to find the positive steps you can take to manifest that goal.


The law of attraction is based on three foundational principles:


  • Like attracts Like – much like how a magnet attracts metal, similar objects, aspects and people are attracted to each other. This means that positive thinking is more likely to attract positive experiences, and vice-versa.


  • No Empty Space In Your Life – whilst many meditations involve clearing your mind, it is unlikely to stay truly empty for long, as we fill it with emotions and experiences. As a result, if we remove negative aspects of our life they will soon be replaced by positive ones.


  • Focus In The Moment – Rather than being worried or unhappy about how the present is, focus your energy on methods to make the moment you live in as great as it can be.

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