What you seek is seeking you

When it comes to manifesting our deepest dreams and desires, there’s usually only one thing that holds us back – and that is ourselves!

How is that possible? When it is us that desires the very thing in the first place? Why would we then stand in the way of receiving it? Why would we deliberately sabotage our receiving of it?

We create with our minds via our imagination, our beliefs, thoughts, feeling emotions and actions.

Our minds are a fabulous tool, but we oftentimes overuse it or use it in a way that doesn’t serve us.

How does the mind work?

Here’s an interesting fact about our minds: They cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

A second little known fact is that our conscious mind only drives a mere 5% of our behaviour. The other 95% is driven by our subconscious mind.

This is why we oftentimes stand in our own way of our dreams and desires, without realising it – because we’re not tapped into, or are aware of our subconscious programming that drives most of our behaviours.

Our subconscious mind becomes programmed through our early childhood experiences, it absorbs the lessons, the messages and traumas from our environment, and then conditions us to react towards and exist within the world around us.

Many of us going into adulthood carry with us subconscious beliefs, feelings, emotions and behaviours that limit our enjoyment in life and sabotage our results in some way.

We imitate similar patterns and behaviours that go on to create the same old realities that we’ve always known.

This is why I’m such a huge fan of using healing tools to reprogram the subconscious mind.

The tools that have been the most transformative in my own life are: Affirmations, Journaling, Breathwork, Plant Medicine, Meditation and Hypnotherapy.

You are co-creating with the universe

The universe, pure conscious awareness and infinite consciousness is a benevolent force.

It’s an energy that not only shapes and contorts into what it is that you desire, but also responds to exactly what you are! It is responding to you all of the time.

This is because it is you, and you are it.

It’s continuously moving towards you and delivering unto you what it is that you are in vibrational resonance with. What you are seeking is in fact always seeking you!

We are the powerful co-creators of our own reality. How do we create? Via our imagination, beliefs, thoughts, feeling emotions and actions.

These tools of the mind can be leveraged to bring forth what we desire, or we can misuse our minds to block the very thing we desire.

What do you want?

The No1 problem that my clients face when presented with a problem, is an inability to visualise an alternative outcome. They become consumed by ‘the problem’ and try to think or force their way out of it.

Oftentimes when we focus continuously on a problem, we create more of the problem.

Where our focus goes our energy flows!

I get it, because I used to be one of these people. I am what I would describe as a recovering worrier (and perfectionist)

I’d obsess about a problem, attempting to think and strategize my way out of it, not realising that my focus on the problem was actually perpetuating it and causing me a whole world of pain (resistance) along the way.

The same goes for when we are manifesting a new outcome or result into our lives.

The very act of trying to control the outcome through forced action or continuously focusing on how it will come to you, actually creates resistant energy and pushes your desires further away.

Having clarity of vision is simply this: Knowing what it is that you want? Not, what do you don’t want.


Clarity of vision is the number one step in the manifestation process, and yet so few people I work with at the beginning really know what it is that they actually want.

What we are conditioned to do is use our logical minds to observe the problem, and then think our way out of it. Which is completely futile and doesn’t serve you.

Making a decision about what it is that you truly want sends a powerful message to the universe. It signals that you are bringing forth change.

From this point, you can imagine and visualise the desire already happening.

You can start to believe that you are worthy and deserving of it, you think and feel as if it is already yours, and the universe will deliver the opportunities, intuitive nudges and guidance required to take inspired action towards it.

All this is, is pure alignment with your desires. This is what being in vibrational resonance is, you are matching up with the frequency of your desires.

Once we train ourselves to behave in this way, in complete authenticity and integrity with our highest vision for our lives, we become unstoppable.

Our success becomes inevitable.

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