Why Can’t I Find Love?

why cant i find love

We all want to find love, but it can be easier said than done.

You may have tried it all: online dating, blind dates, and getting set up by friends. You’ve gone on date after date but can’t seem to make a true connection with someone. 

Or maybe you constantly jump from one relationship to the next. Each time you think that you’ve found The One, but things always end up falling apart.

I get it–I’ve struggled with relationships too.

But I’ve also manifested my soulmate.

I’m Catherine, manifestation coach and founder of Clarity Queen. I help people attract the things they want in life–including love. 

Read on for some of the most likely reasons why you can’t find love–and how the Law of Attraction can help you change that.

Top reasons why you’ve been unable to find love 

Problem: You’re searching for love for the wrong reasons

Wanting love is a healthy, normal need–and right. Humans are social creatures, so it’s natural to want that connection.

why cant i find someone

However, it’s important to consider your motivation for finding love. Are you trying to fill a void in your life? Are you afraid of being alone? Do you feel pressure from family and friends to partner up?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be searching for love for the wrong reasons. 

Manifestation Tip: Reevaluate your motivations

When you look for love simply to avoid loneliness or because you feel like you “should” be in a relationship, you may end up settling for partners who are not a good match for you. 

If you shift your mindset toward finding a partner to enhance your life or to add to your support network, you will begin to attract the relationship of your dreams.

Problem: You’re not living in alignment with your vision

You may say that you want a relationship, but does your lifestyle, living space, and mindset reflect that?

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract things (or people) that vibrate in resonance with our own vibrations. Therefore, your thoughts and actions need to align with what you want to manifest.

For example, you may envision quiet nights in with your partner spent cooking homemade meals and watching old movies. But if you spend most nights out and only buy takeout, it’s unrealistic to expect that you’d manifest a partner that aligns with your vision.

Manifestation Tip: Talk the talk and walk the walk

In order to attract the relationship you really want, your thoughts and desires need to match your actions and lifestyle.

Once you start living in alignment with your values, you’ll be much more likely to manifest your dream partner.

Problem: You’re questioning your self worth

Again, we attract what our vibrations resonate with. If we believe we’re unworthy of love or have certain qualities that we believe a partner could never accept, it will be challenging to manifest the kind of relationship we want–and deserve.

unable to find love

After all, how can we expect to find someone who really loves us if we don’t love ourselves?

Manifestation Tip: Improve your self esteem

Enhancing your confidence can help you attract the partner you’ve always wanted. It will also help you avoid wasting time with people who don’t value you for the amazing person you are.

Improve your self worth by using affirmations and making a conscious effort to use positive self-talk. 

Problem: You’re settling for less than you deserve

There are many different reasons why you may have put up with partners who didn’t treat you with respect or just weren’t a good fit for you. Like we already discussed, low self esteem can contribute to this.

However, we may also fall victim to settling if we don’t have a clear idea of what we need in a relationship or never saw healthy relationships growing up.

Whatever the reason, settling for less than we deserve holds us back from being available for our soulmate.

Manifestation Tip: Put boundaries in place

Clear the way for the Universe to bring you the relationship you’ve been looking for. Recognize that you don’t need to accept any less than you deserve and stick to that belief.

You deserve more than the unfulfilling relationships you’ve experienced so far. If you embody the idea that you don’t have to settle, you’ll be more likely to attract the partner of your dreams.

Problem: You’re not receptive to possibilities

You shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve–but you also should be open to the idea that what you want may not be what you need. 

can't find love

If you haven’t been able to find love yet, you may be too rigid about what you’re looking for in a partner.

Manifestation Tip: Be open to what the Universe brings you

In order to manifest your soulmate, let go of your attachment to the idea of a certain kind of partner. Put your trust in the Universe.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have a clear idea of your relationship values–it’s important to have a sense of non-negotiable traits. However, being attached to a particular archetype of person or insignificant details may hold you back in your search for love.

Problem: You’re blind to the love that’s already in your life

You may be spending so much time and energy pining after love that you might be neglecting the relationships you already have.

This kind of scarcity mindset won’t help you manifest the abundance of love you’re after. It may even cause you to neglect a potential partner who is already in your life.

Manifestation Tip: Foster the love you have now 

Instead of worrying so much about why you can’t find someone, focus on fostering the love that’s already in your life. Spend time with family and friends, and build connections with coworkers and acquaintances. 

Growing the relationships in your life will inherently attract more love, according to the Law of Attraction. Who knows–you may even find love with an unexpected person who you already know.

Can’t find love? Try manifestation coaching

I can help you find someone using the same principles I used to manifest my dream partner.

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